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Musician Megan McMillan is one of the many local artists who;ll be performing during the inaugural Druid City Music Festival, which kicks off on Friday, Aug. 23

Inaugural Druid City Music Festival: Musical Talent Takes Over Downtown Tuscaloosa

Musician Megan McMillan is one of the many local artists who'll be performing during the inaugural Druid City Music Festival, which kicks off on Friday, Aug. 23Druid City Music Festival

The clock is ticking, counting down to a weekend packed with musical talent that will take over downtown Tuscaloosa. Forty different bands will perform across 20 downtown-venues Friday night, Aug. 23, with a main event in Government Plaza on Saturday, Aug. 24 for the first Druid City Music Festival. One wristband will get you access to all venues on both days where you will get to hear artists perform a variety of music in all types of locations. Whatever your music preference, whatever your venue preference, there will be something for everyone. 

This is a great chance for folks in Tuscaloosa to be exposed to several different genres of music with one ticket,” said Megan McMillan. “It’s got the potential to be a game changer for the music scene in town as long as the community supports it.”  

McMillan, who will play Friday night at Black Warrior Brewery, is a co-founder of the Black Warrior Songwriter’s Festival that celebrated its second year this past June. She and co-founders Matt and Nikki Ray of EatMyBeats in Tuscaloosa recognized the need for a musical outlet in Tuscaloosa. 

“I’ve performed in lots of songwriter events,” McMillan said, “and I’ve always been struck by the amount of talent for original music in this area, with very few outlets.”

30A Songwriter Radio

Americana singer/songwriter Megan McMillan releases her full length album, THINGS THAT CHANGE. You won’t find a harder working musician, that also happens be as talented as she is. The one two punch of songwriting capabilities, and the perfect delivery of those writings are a deadly combo. This album will surely knock you out! THINGS THAT CHANGE is McMillan’s first full-length album and is comprised of ten original songs. The project features the top-notch skill and creativity of producer Shawn Byrne of Great Hill studio in Nashville, TN. The album is a dynamic collection of songs which showcase McMillan’s honest, edgy lyrical sense, interesting melodies, and vibrant vocals. The pre-released single, “All Right”, offers a gritty, harmonica-driven story of redemption. The title track, “Things That Change”, is a personal look at the implications of a wandering soul. The whimsical track “The Other Side” is a display of McMillan’s affinity for poetry and offers a picture of longing for a lost love. Traditional country-driven “Dead”, “Wrinkle in Time”, “Keep the Change”, and “Beautiful Pain” feature clever lyrics and steel guitar, while “Fakin’ It” is a paradoxically fun, upbeat tale of faking happiness. “The Fight” is a playful jab at married life, and “Freedom” is a lyrical journey of a traveling spirit with home ties. McMillan and local singer/songwriter/guitarist Andy Branton will be hosting a joint release party at Green Bar in Tuscaloosa, AL on November 30th. Show begins at 9pm and cover charge is $5 at the door. McMillan and Branton will be joined by an all-star band of regional musicians to perform their new releases.

Alabama Music Office

I listen to a lot of music, some good, some bad but all with distinct musical identities. Each have their own personas and attempt to tell us of their real-world experiences. Much of the music sent to me is country with it’s many styles and it’s own cultural identification which are normally working-class and rural. Country music isn't just about the songs—it's about growing up, life and family with happiness to heartache as their centerpiece.

Country music was born in the South and spread around the world. The world has changed and so has country music. Some changes not for the good. In my humble opinion, country music is universally over-polished and formulaic if it’s on FM Radio. I love Americana and Outlaw Country as played on Sirius/XM. That is my opinion and you have yours.

Much of what I receive is not real. No matter how clever the lyrics or how perfect the auto-tuned vocals, it’s not real. What is real in a world where “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” is a hit? Country to me comes from the heart and soul no matter the subject. It’s real feelings sung by real people. Maybe it's not reality that makes a country song "real" as much as the singer's authenticity.

When I received the link to Megan McMillan’s long awaited album “Things That Change,” I knew I would be listening to real country. I have known Megan for several years and like to think that I have helped her claim her place in the country landscape. She is from the backwoods of Talladega National Forest near Centerville, Alabama. That’s about as country as country gets!

There are ten songs on this album and all show that she has matured as a songwriter. She has always had a natural delivery and each of these songs fit her voice perfectly. This album peels back the layers of who Megan McMillan is. Her influences ring through with quality vocals that make each song personal.

The album kicks off with “Freedom” with it’s message, “freedom is mighty lonesome sometimes.” Her description of going down south “where the live oaks grow in the sand” is a great line that is simple but quite clever. The title track ends with “with the tide commanded by the moon/I’ll find a new direction soon.” Each track is the same with songwriting gems that make for a rememberable experience.

Things That Change is solid through out with from the heart vocals, soulful songwriting and true country musicianship. This album is not for everybody. It’s only for those that want their country music real and their country artists authentic. Megan McMillan is all of this and more!

Jerry W. Henry
Alabama Music Office

Sandy Roots Productions

“Things that Change”, the latest release from Alabama native Megan McMillan, is a mix of simple stories about everyday life struggles, powerful wordplay on lyrics, and sweet southern traditional melodies. 

Once again producer Shawn Byrne holds up his end of the bargain with all the punch and clarity we have come to expect. 

Listeners will have a new outlook on “Freedom” as well as a new understanding for “Beautiful Pain”.

The undeniably relatable title track “Things that Change” certainly hits home because as the world constantly changes we are all guilty of chasing Things That Change.

With reminders of a young Loretta Lynn and remanence of Bobbie Gentry, “Things that Change”  is truthful with a hint of vengeance and is certainly Megan’s best work to date. The album is everything a country record should be.

Nick Biebricher

Sandy Roots Productions

The Centreville Press

"Her ability to closely examine her own life and emotions, and to deeply contemplate the lives of others, has given rise to a talent for poetry and storytelling - both marks of a great songwriter"

30a Songwriter Radio

"We first met Megan in 2014 while performing in Alabama, she blew us away. We again were able to catch her perform in 2015, also in Alabama, again blown away. We have been tying to coordinate a performance on our broadcast ever since, so we could share her talents with our listeners and studio audience.  Well, we did it, and here she is. Somewhere I read Megan's music genre described as country-ish, let me tell you it's country, she IS COUNTRY. This singer songwriter is about as authentic as they come. As you can clearly see in the video for "Another Man's Fool", and hell all the other videos, Megan sings from the heart. She is singing and songwriting from real life experiences, if not, she sure has me fooled! Do yourself a favor and head over to, then do her a favor and purchase some of her music and cool swag. Megan McMillan, this is why we do what we do. -Shannon Ireland

The Leaf

" my opinion this young lady is what country music is all about in today's world. She is real and everything that comes out of her mouth is her. Natural, not contrived, where everything comes from the heart. Her songs are the same."

Connect Savannah

"Kick back and soak up the sounds of four Southern singer-songwriters.

Leading this month’s lineup is folk/country artist Megan McMillian, who hails from the little town of Pinetucky, Alabama.

McMillian dabbled in guitar and piano as a teenager, but it wasn’t until age 22—in the midst of a divorce, early motherhood, and working two jobs—that she turned to her familiar old guitar for a release. After years of keeping her songs to herself, McMillian finally began performing live. Possessing a way with words and a rich vocal clarity, she has an exciting musical future ahead of her..."




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