How to Ramble

     I recently had a 15 year old aspiring artist send me an email asking for advice. I held back on most harsh realities...this was my reply:

"Wow. To be 15 and already be on fire for a career...sounds to me like a step in the right direction!

You have a great voice and I can tell that you really enjoy being in the spotlight. I definitely have some advice for you.

First of all, learn to appreciate...and I mean REALLY appreciate your creativity. The more you work on your art and the details of your performances, the more you should love what path you're on. If this is ever not the case, take a step back and evaluate. Be the best at what ****** does ;)

Perform as much as possible. Sing for whomever will listen in any situation you possibly can. This part won't always be fun, but I believe it's necessary.

If you're a songwriter, write every day. If you aren't inspired, write about your couch, or the power line outside your window. This will help hone your skills so when true inspiration strikes, you'll be ready.

Be coach-able. Be willing to admit that there's always room for improvement, and be willing to build on any type of criticism.

When you get to Nashville, please don't be discouraged. There are literally tens of thousands of extremely talented performers. This does not undermine your talent; again, just be the absolute best at doing YOUR thing.

Always be present --- and until you learn the business, consult with industry professionals, and most of all, your parents before any decision is made and any dotted line is signed. This comes from personal experience. For every good and decent person who wants to help your career, there is another who wants to capitalize on your inexperience.

BE IN LOVE with everything you do. Be fearless and go out and grab your dreams.

One more OK with hearing the word "no". Every "no" brings a new opportunity. "


     I believe this could apply to many different career paths...don't you?