Ramblin' Boss

     There's a reason why they call Bruce Springsteen "The Boss". Well, more than one reason.  I've read that he got the nickname originally from a band he played with in the 60's; he would collect money for the band and so they called him "Boss".  But if you've ever seen him perform, you know that there is no other title that would fit so perfectly.

     One of my earliest memories as a kid was riding in the backseat of my dad's 80-something Mustang GT, blasting Springsteen from the tape deck.  By the age of 10 I knew most every one of his songs word for word, and lyrics like "Hey there mister, can you tell me what happened to the seeds I've sewn? Can you give me a reason sir as to why they've never grown, they been blown around from town to town lookin for a place to land" "Don't run back inside darling you know just what I'm here for. Well you're scared and you're thinkin that maybe we ain't that young anymore. Show a little faith, there's magic in the night, you ain't a beauty but hey, you're all right" " "We played king of the mountain out on the end, we'd come charging up the hill, and we were women and men" "Out here it's just winners and losers and don't get caught on the wrong side of that line, well I'm tired of winding up on the losin end. Last night I met this guy and I'm gonna do a little favor for him"...those words were engrained in my soul from a very early age.  The lyrical beauty, imagery, humanity...It's almost too much. Just perfection.

      It's safe to say that the Boss was my very first musical influence.  Listening to his music was the first time I remember feeling like I wanted to dance, and cry, and hi-five someone because it pulled at my heart so violently. 

     The way I grew up, it was inevitable that I would be turned on to the old country stuff - - - I was surrounded by older family members at all times, all of which had a love for Hank Sr., Haggard, Loretta and such.  But I really have my dad to thank for blasting Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Emmylou...because they are the ones who have really influenced my storytelling...which I love to do most of all. 

     Anytime I feel worn out, or discouraged, or uninspired...I watch a Springsteen clip.  It only takes one song, although I always go for more.  Because it doesn't matter if he's playing newer material, or rocking "Born to Run" for the millionth time...he takes you on the song's journey with him and MAKES you feel it.  He owns every second of his time on stage and commands an audience like I've never seen.

     I owe my entire desire to write and perform to this guy...and although I've drawn influence from Loretta to Pink Floyd to the Dixie Chicks to Hank to Miranda Lambert...I try to put everything into every song and performance like I've watched the Boss do for the past 27 years of my life.


My favorite Springsteen song is "Blood Brothers"...check it out...