Ramblin Crestaceans

     I just wanted to let y'all in on a little experience I had yesterday with a crab.

     One of my favorite places to play music is at the Flora-Bama beach bar in Orange Beach, AL/Perdido Key, FL.  If you've never been there, get there ASAP...it's good for the soul.

     Two levels of wood-constructed happiness situated right on the sand, about 100yds from the ocean.  There is a bar with a tent stage outside, a food bar also outside, a couple of bars inside and a bar upstairs, with a double-decker viewing area with a stage and a smaller stage at the upstairs bar.  PURE JOY.

     Anyhow, this is about a 3 1/2 hour drive from home for me, so I try to play down there as often as I can.  Performing at the beach is like touring, but instead of YOU traveling to all these different cities, you get to enjoy the beach atmosphere and let people come all over the world to you.  Pretty nice.

     This week, I had a two-night residency on the Main Stage at the upstairs bar.  I shared my set with keyboard extraordinaire, Steve Wilkerson, from Meridian MS.  We had a blast and had a pretty decent crowd, despite playing 10p-2a on Wednesday & Thursday nights.

     I promised my daughter I would bring her back "something in a cage"...I had already decided I would get her and my son their very own hermit crabs.  If you're not familiar with these little dudes, they're really interesting to watch.  They will crawl around, climb, eat, and drink...and when they outgrow the shell they're in, they will leave it for a new one.  Super cool for kids.

     So, after the drive and late gigs two nights in a row, I was getting ready to head back home yesterday morning.  I was really groggy, but I drove the 20 mins out of the way to the souvenir shop to search for crabs. 

     I stopped at Souvenir City, where I remember getting my first hermit when I was a kid.  Went in, found two kits, found two crabs, and two extra shells.  Spiderman and Hello Kitty.  I was set.

     I got back in the car and headed north.  About an hour later, I started hearing one of the crabs crawling around in its cage, climbing over the shells in the bottom of the terrarium.  My little girl is gonna love that.

     I stopped a bit later to fill up the tank, and checked on them.  My daughter's was crawling around, happy, soaking up the moisture from the sponge in his cage.  But my son's was still...I thought, Poor guy, he's sleepy.... so I picked him up.... nothing......

     Yep, I bought my son a dead crab.  Dead as a doornail, and I was too far up the road to turn around and go back for another one.  The good news was that I bought him some new Converse's so at least that's something...but it's no crab.

     Moral of the story, slow down.  I was so ready to get the dead crab in the car and get up the road...but if I would have taken just a few extra minutes to watch the behavior of the crabs...found an active one...picked a few ones up...my son would be playing with a hermit crab right now instead of shoelaces. 

     Sometimes we get blinded by the light at the end of the tunnel...and forget to count our steps ;)


Love, mm