Ramblin' Dirt

     I often find myself in the middle of the never-

ending whirlwind of motherhood, wife-dom, songwriting, performing, scheduling, recording an album-ing...look up and say "DAMMIT, I need a break".  Know what I mean?  Of course you do.  It doesn't matter whether you're single, married, have 10 kids, career, or what; everyone needs time to do something unproductive...unnecessary...and FUN.

     I get the feeling from a lot of people around me that FUN is overrated.  I hear whispering about "SO&SO" who was at the concert last night..."Why wasn't she home with her kids?" "Did you see what she had on?" "I can't believe she would take pictures drinking BEER in public!!!" It goes on and on. 

     Being a tattooed, carefree, fun-loving musician, I get caught in the critical crosshairs quite a bit. People just can't seem to understand how my family works. 

     That being said, my FIRST priority is making sure my kids and my husband are taken care of, that they feel loved, and that I spend a LOT of time with them.  Beyond that...LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE!  Life is short, wear what you want, tattoo yourself, play tag in the yard with your kids, don't be afraid to act like a kid yourself!  It blows my mind how critical people can be. 

     I've been super, super busy lately...to the point where it's been really difficult to keep up with my booking, social media, writing, etc.  So, today my kids are playing in the mud, then going to the zoo. I'm convincing my husband to take me dirt road ridin' one night soon; we'll ride with the windows down, radio up, park by the river and sit on the tailgate and drink a beer. Because deadlines, scheduling, and all the rest can wait. 

     I hope this doesn't sound preachy...if anything, I hope it's anti-preachy.  Take care of business & have fun doing it!