Ramblin' Flexibility

As I sit here finally letting my mind wander after the third day of homeschooling my daughter, thousands of realizations flood in.  This is not where I ever thought I'd be, even a year ago.  Homeschool? That was for religious prudes and rich snobs.  Yet here I am...and I feel great about it.  We are learning history, science, math, and reading all paralleled with the teachings of the Bible.  And my student gets 100% of my attention (less of course when her brother is home).  We have freedom over our schedules and I don't feel guilty about leaving her for work.  This is all brand spankin new, so who really knows yet?  We are going for it all the way yet I don't feel locked in.  Why? Because I do my best to stay flexible.

In my life, and considering my natural tendencies, my anxiety would be through the roof if I weren't flexible. I choose a path and when I do, I go for it 100%.  But if something isn't working, I believe it's okay to re evaluate.  To reconsider the way you're going about things, or your attitude about the situation.  This goes for my decisions with my family, my music, or anything else.  When I first started writing and performing music, I was hell bent on following the "closest fit" ... those who people told me I "reminded them of".  In my defense, I really didn't know of any better way to go about doing things.  Now, I'm at least proud to say that I have stopped trying to emulate anyone else's sound, style, or anything else.  Of course our influences show up in us, and I think that's okay.  But all of my conscious effort goes toward making my strengths stronger and my weaknesses less weak. 

I am flexible and stubborn at the same time.  Sound like a contradiction?  It isn't.  I'm stubborn in that I refuse to give up or to accept a "no" answer to my chosen career.  Which means I will be flexible enough to find the path that eventually leads to my end goals. 

Be tenacious and chill at the same time...if you know that your hard work is geared toward  a point, know that there will be road will rise, fall, and turn...but be stubborn enough to hang in there until you reach your destination.