Ramblin' on a Line

     In life, there are lines everywhere.  White ones, yellow ones, red ones, dotted ones...and then there are blurred ones.  I heard that there's a song called "Blurred Lines" but I can't say I've ever heard it. 

     I've learned that any line can be blurred...and we're the ones who blur them, either purposely or unintentionally.

     Recently I was talking to my daddy, who is a very cut-and-dry, practical person.  Obviously not where I inherited my flightiness from (sorry Momma).  Daddy was talking about the importance of absolutes.  Because in today's world, popular culture would have us believe that there are no absolutes.  Everything is okay, and if you don't believe everything is okay, then...well, that's just not okay.

     A person like me has to realize absolutes in life.  A wandering, creative brain can get into a lot of trouble if there aren't certain lines...faith in some type of absolute.  There are things that just ARE.  And, on the other hand, there are things that are NOT.  Think about that for a while.

     Without going all preachy, because I am certainly not the right person to preach about much of anything...I will say that our culture would be better off if it realized that there are things that are absolutely true, and there are also things that are absolutely wrong.  That is OK.  The trouble is free will, individuality, all that good jazz that complicates it all. 

     This rambling is honestly mostly for my benefit, to try and collect my thoughts... but I encourage you to consider the absolutes in your life...because without lines, all reality is abstract...


Is that vague enough???

Love, mm