Ramblin' Sideways

     I have often told people that I have lived several lives before this one.  It never fails --- they look at me like I have 3 heads and start to slowly back away.  But what I mean is...

     Life #1: Childhood

     Hopeful, inspired, streamlined.

     Life #2: Adolescence

     Confused, frustrated, creative.

     Life #3: Early adulthood

     Cynical, insane, unpredictable.

     Life #4: The present

     Motivated, experienced, HAPPY.

So, you get it, right?  It's all a cycle.  A really crooked road.  I could have reached where I am right now a lot sooner, but I took a lot of detours, and burned a lot of bridges.  I could say I regret the long ride it's been,  but the truth is I don't. 

     I did  a lot of stupid things and made a lot of terrible decisions.  But having lived through self-inflicted turmoil, I had an epiphany: EVERYONE screws up. EVERYONE gets lost. And those terrible decisions have given me some great stories!

     Moral of this jumble?  People's lives make fascinating stories.  Sometimes happy, sometimes dramatic, sometimes tragic.  But we humans are remarkable, and I love to hear a person's story. They make great songs.


Love, mm