Ramblin' Women

     I heard that today is International Womens' Day.  So, I took a break from my low-carb diet and had some chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk.  It made me feel so good that I decided to write a special blog today on the wonderful, beautiful, frightening being that is woman.

     Having a mother, sister, aunts, friends, and female cousins, and being an alleged myself, I know a thing or two about what women are, and what women are not. Maybe this will help a man out there somewhere.

     Let's start with WHAT WOMEN ARE:

     DAUGHTERS: It's science.

     SISTERS: Our first introduction to friendship in life, and learning to still care for the people who get on your nerves the most.

     MOTHERS: Most decide, and are blessed to, become mothers to new humans, puppies, cats, or even reptiles. I'm convinced that my offspring are aliens.

     WIVES: A woman sometimes decides to forever bind herself to another human being.  Some are too independent for this, and some try it more than once. Some are good wives, some are not. But, she was willing to try it out, right?

     NURSE/DOCTOR/OTHER CAREGIVER: I have yet to meet a woman who had never taken care of someone or something other than herself. Again, some are more equipped for this than others, but the tendency remains...again, it's science.

     BEAUTIFUL: Every woman I've ever met, whether or not she meets society's expectations for beauty, has had some innate charm about her. The key is to capitalize on the positive, beautiful things about others.


     PHYSICAL PERFECTION: Who needs society's airbrushed, commercialized perfect "woman"? Big bootys, stretch marks, crow's feet...are all told to shrink, cover, and fade; but they are nature's way of making us unique, beautiful, living works of art.

     OCTOPUS: Yeah, it would be nice to have 8 legs (or arms...?) to get all the things done that we need to in a day's time, but it will never happen. So let's do what we can with the two arms and two legs that we have, and let the rest be.

     WIZARDS: "Get that bikini bod" "Get your kids to school on time" "Have sex with your husband 5x a week" "Be top notch at your job" "Keep your kids eating balanced meals" "Get your kids involved with extracurricular activities" "Relax with a hobby that you enjoy" "Keep your house clean and trendy" "Spend time with your pets" "Go out for dinner with your husband" "Keep everyone's laundry done" .... & the list expands and gets ever more detailed from there.  I once drove my daughter to daycare before I realized she was wearing two different shoes. Daily life is not magical unless you slow down enough to notice the magic of the time passing right before your eyes.

     MEN: Although technically...well sometimes...ok nevermind...

          The point is, men often don't understand women because women are very different from men. Duh, I know, but women have a hard time making men understand their ever-changing and ever-growing emotional databases because women go through so many changes in life that sometimes it's even hard for HER to keep up.  Forget about the little demons AKA hormones, but going through all the physical changes in life alone should be too much to handle...yet here we are...Let's just leave this one like this....in order to understand women you must be a woman. If you are not a woman, just marvel at the lovely chaos.


     Personally I enjoy being an independent, loving, tough, motivated, creative, pain-in-the-ass woman.  I encounter obstacles sometimes that I feel would not exist were I a man, and I also enjoy benefits sometimes that I would not were I a man. That's life. So if things are a little tougher in your particular position or career field because you're a woman...suck it up, put on your war paint and change things. Don't whine about it, you sound like a girl.


Women are incredible creatures...horrifically fascinating...


By the way, when is International Men's Day? They deserve a day too...


Lylas, mm