Rambling Apologies

     Apologies, for this post....

     Sometimes I get so damn sick of people who cannot give an appropriate apology.  And I am not the type of person who is the perpetual victim....I know those people. They should apologize for always feeling victimized.

     Entitlement is another sore subject with me...I grew up with people all around me holding their hands out and waiting for someone to fill it up for them.  Thank God my parents taught me better.  Some wise person said "Wish in one hand and s* in the other, and see which one fills up first".....yep.

     It is these entitled beings who feel that no matter what they do, how they do it, or how it affects others...they shouldn't have to "apologize" and take responsibility. That rant is over.


     More importantly, apologies to yourself...may sound crazy, but it helps kick a bad habit. "Self, I'm sorry I have held you down due to my crazed binges of alcohol and cigarettes, but let's start fresh".  "Self, I'm sorry that I have been a doormat for self-serving type men, from now on, let's only allow decent people in". You get the point.


     I would like to apologize to myself for spending several minutes on this personal rant, only to post it to the public.  But then, apologies and repentance are two very different things.


Have a great one y'all.