Rambling one

     Well, here goes...my first blog ever...in recent history anyway.  And it's pretty shocking because I love to talk sh*, and I love to write even more.  So I guess I'll start by giving y'all a "heads-up", or an ''fyi'' as to what this blog will consist of.

     I needed a place where I could come and speak to everyone outside the confines of a social network...where I can talk about my life, my music, my family, and whatever may pop up on any given day.  I've often thought my life could be a BOOK (or probably more likely, a Lifetime movie).  So honestly there is no point to my blog or any deeper meaning, other than I want to start sharing some things with you!

     Feel free to use my site as a place to keep up with me, contact me, ask any questions you may have.  My neglect of new tools has not helped me in any way and I'm trying to get better!  Maybe allowing myself to ramble will give me some motivation :-)

     Right now I'm going nuts helping to organize my album fundraiser on March 1st.  I've never attempted anything like this and as usual, I'm pretty obsessed.  Like, can't sleep obsessed.  I need to write a song.  That being said, it's looking pretty promising, and I've had a good  bit of interest coming from local media, musicians, and the general public.  I'll keep everyone updated on my progress...

     Oh yeah, I'm heading to Atlanta tomorrow to audition for THE VOICE.  Obviously if it goes well, I can't tell you due to the confidentiality agreement.  But keep your fingers crossed anyway huh!  Next week I'll be in Nashville for a couple of co-writes I'm SUPER excited/nervous about. All good things, all good things...but as usual "obsess" and "stress", my two best friends.

     Anybody got a smoke??

     Y'all be good.

     Love, mm