The Times are a'Changin'

Hey there famdamily.  To say lots of things have changed since my last post is the understatement of the galaxy.  Life takes us in unexpected directions sometimes and we have to modify our plans.  Just a very, very quick catch-up...I moved (twice), my kids started a new school, I changed day jobs twice, I started nursing school...needless to say, I'm not gigging as much as I have over the past five years, and it's been a difficult transition.  After more than a year, I'm finding balance between family, school, and music; and I've written some songs I'm really proud of in the process. I've decided to use a 90s model Tascam cassette recorder (borrowed from a dear friend) to create an intimate, storytelling record that really expresses the evolution of my songwriting at this crossroads in my life. It will be a simple, sincere expression of the absolute best I can offer!  

I've also been working on putting together a small collection of poetry which I hope to be able to share within the next few months!

Thanks to everyone for the continued support over the years; I'm still performing at songwriter events and will keep my eyes open for opportunities to play acoustic shows, but the full band shows will have to take the very backseat for now.  

I'm going to be using my site as the main outlet for new music & videos that are coming very soon (and continuously), and I'll of course be sharing on social  media. I will actually be able to share audio of a recent live set later today.

Thanks for being here!